👩‍💻Client Upgrade (sshnp)

Upgrade sshnp

Upgrading to the latest version of sshnp is identical to the installation process.

Please see the installation guide to proceed.

Verify the Upgrade

To check the current version of sshnp installed on your machine simply execute the binary:


The first line of output should contain the version information:

Version : x.x.x

Troubleshooting the Upgrade

If you continue to get an old version number, it's likely that there's an old binary which wasn't replaced on the machine. Try the following to debug your binary location:

First, use this command to locate the sshnp binary:

command -v sshnp

The command should output the location of the binary which is on the PATH. Try deleting this binary then rerunning the installer.

rm "$(command -v sshnp)"

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